Godhood, ‘Create Your Own Religion’ update

Abbey Games have today released a major free update, ‘Create Your Own Religion’, for their colourful management god game Godhood currently available on Steam Early Access and GOG (Windows/Mac/Linux).

The new update enhances the core game experience of Godhood significantly, adding amongst other things a brand-new tech tree, a major visual overhaul, a series of new religious customization options, and last but not least featuring the hotly-requested cat worshipping and new funeral rites mechanics (aka followers can now opt to consume their dead).

The “Create Your Own Religion” update includes:

  • A brand-new tech tree, with numerous mutually exclusive paths, letting players further customize the Commandments that form the base of their personalized religion. Forgoing a set progression, the new tree grants players the flexibility to make changes to their chosen religion earlier and with greater effect.
  • Unlockable Tenets, allowing the player to mix and max their Commandments, granting even further depth to their religion.
  • Increased challenge thanks to the new Crystal Skulls mechanic, updated Sacraments, and a reworked World Map introducing high-scores. Crystal Skulls dictate how and when the player can initiate the Sacrament battles. These auto-battles have also been updated with a new initiative system and disciple targeting stances.
  • A substantial graphics make-over, with a host of new visual touches, bringing out the life and detail of the player’s village, buildings, and followers. Over ninety hand-crafted illustrations have also been added, showing how a player’s customized religion develops with each important milestone.
  • A vast range of other improvements, changes and player-requested content, including a rebalance of the in-game economy and recruitment mechanics. Also, followers can now worship cats (and dogs).

The “Create Your Own Religion” update is free for all players of Godhood, which launched into Steam Early Access on July 10th, 2019. This major milestone update is the third free content expansion, after the previous ‘Will of the People’ and ‘The Old One Rising’ update.