Spacelords, ‘Master of Puppets’ update

MercurySteam launched Master of Puppets, the fifth milestone in Spacelords’ Roadmap. This latest game update introduces two significant changes to the game: a new Antagonist Communication system and the Aleph Natural Deposits. This much requested update is available today for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam Windows PC players of MercurySteam’s Free to Play shooter.

The Antagonist System has always been at the heart of Spacelords’ unique gameplay, with a fifth player infiltrating a party of four other players with the only goal to foil their mission, fighting alongside the AI-controlled hordes to achieve victory.

Now, with the addition of the new Antagonist Comms System, players who chose to be an Antagonist can issue direct orders to the AI hordes, which are now able to attack a specific player’s character or complete a certain task during a mission, granting a wider range of playable options for Antagonists and more fun and challenges for Raiders.

But the Master of Puppets update introduces another important change to the way Spacelords is played thanks to the Aleph Natural Deposits. The Aleph is the preternaturally powerful energy source found only in the Broken Planet, where all warring factions fight over its control. Players will now find Aleph Natural Deposits disseminated through the mission maps, and securing those vital objectives will add a new tactical layer to the game.

“Master of Puppets is, without a doubt, one of the most expected updates by the community,” commented Enric Álvarez, Game Director. “Raiders vs Antagonist is at the core of the Spacelords experience, giving the game its unique flavor. Now that the Antagonists have all the power of the AI hordes under their command and new strategic assets to control in the form of the Aleph Natural Deposits, the War for the Broken Planet has become much more interesting for everyone, Raider or Antagonist.”

Spacelords is as a Free to Play gaming experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10. Master of Puppets, the latest major game update is available today for all users. For more information, visit Spacelords’ website:

About Spacelords
An incredible discovery on one of Saturn’s moons leads a force of humans to the Broken Planet on the far reaches of the Universe. A source of energy called Aleph exists there that grants ultimate power to whoever controls it…
However, the human forces split into factions and fight amongst themselves for dominion over the Aleph. The peaceful inhabitants of the planet are caught in the crossfire, but a hero emerges amongst them who hopes to lead his people to freedom…
Using nefarious means and exploiting the disunity amongst the human ranks, Harec recruits a rag tag group of rogues, outlaws and hired guns from the various factions and pits them against those who would destroy his people…
Spacelords is a brand-new take on the shooter genre. Through its Free to Play, 4 vs 1 counter-operative campaign, you experience both sides of the story: Join the Raiders in their fight to free the legendary Broken Planet or become The Antagonist: Switch sides and fight the Raiders on your own alongside the invading hordes!