Lords Mobile, strategy MMO on Windows PC

After three years of success in smartphones, Lords Mobile hits Windows PC. Available on Steam Store, now players can download it for free and enjoy this epic strategy game on their computers, immersing themselves in the battle to dominate its chaotic fantasy world.

Lords Mobile is rapidly conquering mobile gamers with its massive gameplay features, its unique fantasy world and high-end graphics. In a couple of years, this smooth mix between real time strategy MMO, RPG and world building elements has attracted 280 million players on iOS and Android and obtained general positive user reviews (average user rating of 4.4 over four and a half million reviews on Google Play). Lords Mobile has also convinced the critic and has been awarded by Google Play “Best Competitive Game” in 2016 and “Android Excellence Game” in 2017.

The Steam version is cross-platform allowing players to face mobile and computer users all over the world. Existing mobile players can connect their mobile accounts to their Steam accounts. Through a quick synchronization they will be able to switch seamlessly between devices.

The PC version enhances the polish 3D graphics of the mobile version and maintains all its addictive features: large-scale siege wars, RPG-style hero battles, equipment crafting, PvE combat against monsters on a vast map, construction and management of the base, a large variety of units, and clans the players can join to form alliances in their path towards domination. Epic gameplay in an epic chaotic world in which lords of every realm fight for hegemony.