MageQuit, Rapid Fire Top-Down Arena Brawler on Xbox One & Windows

Indie developer Bowlcut Studios announced that MageQuit, their top-down area wizard brawler, is available on Xbox One and Windows PC (Steam). MageQuit is a multiplayer arena brawler for up to ten players — local or online — that battle it out over nine intense (but often hilarious) rounds of combat. Wizards can go solo in a one-mage-takes-everything free for all, or duke it out in teams of two to five magical mischief-makers, to take top prize: a lengthy, luxurious beard.

In MageQuit, players have access to a vast array of spell options spread over several different elements that offer endless potential for creative build combinations. Use the power of Sand to turn back time on your enemies or conjure an enormous Sandworm, or perhaps go with a classic Fire spell and blast your enemies in the face with righteous Pillar of Fire. Spells get drafted from a limited pool at the beginning of each round, so choose your build carefully! However, the strength of the cabbalistic combatants is only half the battle — each of the eight stages has unique environmental hazards that add a whole other dimension to fight. Knock your enemies into the water and let the sharks do the dirty work, or simply go for a classic and kick them into a volcano.

“At the end of the day, MageQuit is about playing with your friends — and destroying them,” said Brett Pennings, developer and co-founder of Bowlcut Studios. ”We had a ton of fun creating MageQuit, and we can’t way to see where players take the game once it launches.”

“MageQuit is all about creativity,” said Chad Pennings, artist, and co-founder of Bowlcut Studios. “We give players the tools to craft their own experiences, from the spell drafting to the physics and hilarious arenas, are we’re stoked for everyone to jump in and go crazy with it.”

Drafting well and planning out your spell selection is certainly important, but knowing how to best utilize them is a whole other ballgame. With so much action happening at once, learning how to properly aim, combine and time a spell is vital — and thanks to an innovative physics-based magic system, wily wizards can curve their spells to make sure their cowardly rivals can’t escape. Draft the right set of spells, master their quirks, and combine your new skills with the deadly environments to best your foes and have fans gushing over your luxurious snowy face-mane in no time!

Key Features of MageQuit Include:

    • Go from Soul Patch to Santa Claus: Slugging it out with salty sorcerers over nine intense rounds of gladiatorial combat isn’t easy, but it’s worth it to grow a beard Merlin himself would envy — not to mention your defeated foes.
    • Math meets Magic meets Mayhem: Physics-based combat grants the warring wizards the power to use both natural and unnatural laws to their advantage — arc spells to nail a fleeing opponent or carefully direct an explosion and blow them out of the arena!
    • A+ for Arithmancy: With 35 spells to draft from five elemental categories — over nine rounds of battle — the combination potential is off the charts. And that’s only the beginning, with plans to double the amount of spells and elements post-launch.
    • Volcanoes and Sharks and…Hockey Pucks?: Each of the eight different arenas features unique environmental hazards that can be your best friend — or your worst enemy. Use magic to trap your opponent with an impervious force-field or blow your enemies into dangerous waters!