MMA Executive, How big can fantasy Mixed Martial Arts get?

UK based game developers, Vectormatrix Limited, are pioneers in the world of simulated fantasy Mixed Martial Arts, bringing a finely tuned and dynamic statistical sports universe to a Steam client near you in the form of MMA Executive. The game released on 26th August and the first week so far was a little tricky with players struggling to survive the harsh realities of entrepreneurship. But Vectormatrix Limited swiftly patched through an easy mode. If only this could be done in real life?

When Vectormatrix Limited started development over 4 years ago on this title, the MMA scene on Steam was quiet. But things changed suddenly in the last year with a sudden upsurge in fantasy MMA releases. Nevertheless, as the following user reviews imply, MMA Executive offers something different to the other releases:

I was skeptical before buying another MMA Sim, but I am happy I took this one. It has many different aspects that are really cool (“betting” on fights, prodigy training..). There are of course things that could be implemented in the future to make it even better but they did a very good job with this one!”

Of course the capacity for Vectormatrix Limited to expand this title will largely be determined by the extent of its success. Another player wrote:

. . . it is wayyyyyyy better than any of the mma games on steam. In general it is quite good for an mma management game. I don’t want to spoil anything for you who might buy this but there is quite a lot to it . . . The cpu fighters also train which is crazy awesome because you never know what they will train and get better at, so if your defending a belt, be ready for anything.”

High praise indeed, although this player did also mention:

I give this game a 9/10 only because you don’t get enough money to start out with.”

This was swiftly patched by Vectormatrix Limited in the form of an easy mode, so does that now make MMA Executive a 10/10? Then again, the forums suggest that this player is now able to ace even normal mode. We already know just how big simulated fantasy football/soccer is on Steam, but how big can fantasy MMA get? We’ll have to wait and see.

MMA Executive is available on Steam (Windows PC)