MMA Executive on Windows PC

Vectormatrix Limited has released MMA Executive to the Steam platform (Windows PC), their inaugural gaming production. After 4 years and 3 months of intense development, this is not a game derived from a prefabricated framework. MMA Executive features a never before seen engine, as well as AI mechanisms; all built from the ground up exclusively for this production.

MMA Executive is a Mixed Martial Arts sports management and business simulation video game, also featuring martial arts instructional elements.

The trailer features two animated characters (Boss Man and Fighter Dude) running you through their experiences of the game; or at least when Fighter Dude is not being distracted by the Card Girl. The trailer shows how Boss Man begins to try to establish himself within the MMA world as a prospective MMA Executive, meanwhile employing Fighter Dude as one of his MMA hopefuls. Director at Vectormatrix Limited, and many years a student of the martial arts, Richard Matzko, notes:

It’s pretty cool how this trailer brings out a major feature of this game; specifically, the story that the player and AI characters build as the MMA Executive world evolves through their actions. Besides the technicalities and materialism of the sports world, it turns out that there is a human element also! Who would have thought?”

More MMA Executive

Do you think you know the fight game? Welcome to MMA Executive, where styles make fights, and where brute force meets technical precision. You will need to build a powerful gym filled with the best prospects, experienced veterans and inspirational coaches to establish your reputation and make shrewd decisions for the survival of your gym and perhaps even the MMA world economy at large!

Money talks, but so does reputation and skill! So do controversial judges decisions and doctor stoppages! As do bone crunching strikes and ligament snapping submissions! The MMA world is faithfully simulated here with hundreds of deeply researched and tested techniques, retirements, pound for pound rankings, a Hall of Fame system and a dynamic simulated fan-driven economy that responds to fighter performances.

Compete against rival managers and buy-out million or even billion $ organizations (if you think you’ve got what it takes)! Set multiple training camps, allocate coaches, game-plans and track the technical progress of your fighters! Test fighters to break gym records, hire sponsors, build up your gym from scratch and fill up your trophy cabinet! We do it old-school here! Elbows, flying knees, stomps, kicks to the grounded opponent, huge throws, axe-kicks, cartwheel passes, coma-inducing chokes and, of course, the glamorous ring card girls. Care to join in the fun?