Niffelheim, Norse-themed survival adventure launches on consoles

A glorious death, a reward denied, and a warrior determined to earn his way into Valhalla — these are the key elements of Niffelheim, the new 2D survival-adventure game from developer and publisher Ellada Games. Arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™, Niffelheim has players controlling a Viking hero who, after falling in a fierce battle, is denied entry into the paradise of Valhalla, and so he launches a quest to find another way into the promised land. Equipped with an extensive crafting system, fantastic hand-drawn “storybook” art style, and a gripping storyline, Niffelheim takes players on an epic, unforgettable adventure suited for even the most hardened of Vikings.

Niffelheim is a game that combines crafting, survival, and combat, and it allows players to enjoy each element on its own, or as part of a greater whole,” said Andrey Arutyunyan, Co-Founder of Ellada Games. “It’s the kind of experience lets you truly play it the way you like, and we  can’t wait to introduce players to our dark Viking fable.”

Niffelheim puts players in the war-torn boots of a brave Viking Warrior, woefully felled in battle. Instead of finding well-deserved glory in Asgard, his soul is imprisoned in the harsh, unforgiving realm of Niffelheim, and to survive the hostile surroundings, players must ransack neighboring lands, explore the most dangerous of dungeons, defeat creatures of myth and nightmare, and keep their tortured soul alive long enough to find pieces of the mystical portal that will lead them back to glorious Valhalla!

Key Features:

  • Do What it Takes to Survive: Using only the items that can be collected or forged, players must build shelter, weapons, and armor. Then, brew healing potions and deadly poisons to thwart enemies and prepare delicious, life-restoring meals for themselves and their companions.
  • Carve Out a Legacy: Defeat any and all foes who dare to oppose you in your quest for glory. Receive quests from the Death Priests, or go it alone and survive by wits, blade, cunning, and luck.
  • Explore and Escape:  Scour the cruel environment in search of pieces of the portal to Asgard, heavily guarded by powerful foes — a necessary risk worth taking in order to make an escape.