PC Fútbol Stars, free to play multiplayer bottle cap football game

The long history of the PC Fútbol games saga (Known as PC Calcio in Italy or PC Premier in the UK) finally gets to Steam (Windows) for the first time and is ready to be downloaded.

Developed by Silicon Games, an UAE based game studio, and Published by IDC/Games, a Spain based Game Publisher for PC and Mobile games, PC Fútbol Stars is a bottle caps football game that inherits all features from the more than 20 years old Football games saga.

The game is available in Android (Google Play) and Windows PC (Steam) in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

PC Fútbol Stars Game Description and Features:

Choose your team or national colors and play massive tournaments with players coming from PC and mobile versions! Start playing now in our bottle caps soccer or football league for free!

Your objective is to grow as a player and win every match in the different tournaments and events, or play 1 to 1 games or play offline against bots. You can even try to win every match in Russian event for the world event tournament!

This free football and soccer game is very intuitive to play; just enter into the field like a soccer tabletop with bottle caps teams and move them to play in the international World Cup.

Other PC Fútbol Stars features :

  • Free game to play with friends in tournaments, all skill based!
  • Play with your team of bottle caps several events and tournaments, get new coach, get amazing gear and equipment and become world champion!
  • Multiplatform game, play versus mobile or Windows PC users
  • Best game for all people who like games for kids or free sports games playing casually