Pop’n’splat, An Arcade Bubble Shooter on Windows PC

Croatian independent game developer FunRefined announces that his first publicly available game Pop’n’splat launched on Microsoft Store.

At its core Pop’n’splat is a gumball-themed bubble shooter that requires careful planning for puzzle levels, and some fast reflexes for time and infinite modes. It draws inspiration from classics like Bust-A-Move and Dynomite, and as such requires a lot of skill and willingness to practice for your best shots. There are four different game modes to play and each mode is divided into three difficulty levels. This allows you to start slowly and build your way through the more and more challenging play. Matching music and cartoon sound effects complete this fun and challenging game.


  • Four different game modes to play
  • Three difficulty settings in each game mode
  • 90 tricky puzzle levels to solve
  • 60 time attack levels
  • Infinite mode with progressing difficulty
  • Practice mode when you just want to shoot some gums
  • Save game feature so you can play whenever you want
  • Fast-paced music and cartoony sound effects

So, arm yourself with your trusty mouse, and start dispatching countless colorful gumballs while you try to dethrone that pesky kid Kenny from the high score table.

Pop’n’splat at Microsoft Store