Purgatory – A Horror Adventure Game Teaser Trailer

Joel Mayer Productions announced the release of the first teaser trailer for “Purgatory – A Horror Adventure Game,” giving fans of the genre a first glimpse at the Game Boy-styled horror experience about a young woman named Alex who has to fight demons ahead as well as those from her past.

Purgatory will be released for Windows and macOS via Steam with possible mobile ports currently under review.

Purgatory has been Joel Mayer’s passion project of for some time now. It attempts to infuse the horror game genre with a unique look based on Italian horror movies of the 70s and a fresh take on teenage horror movie tropes.

‘I’m very excited to finally get to a point where the project feels “real,”’ Designer/Project Lead Mayer says. “This trailer and the published Steam Store page mark a milestone in the development of my first commercial title.”

If you are into unusual storylines, beautiful pixel-art, a healthy dose of scariness and a side-scrolling adventure experience with unforgettable characters both living and dead, make sure to wishlist Purgatory today!

Key Features

  • Unique aesthetics based on Italian Horror Movies of the 70s mixed with a classic Game Boy look and enriched with modern Engine Effects
  • A fresh take on Teenage Horror Movie storylines
  • Illustrated Cutscenes
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Gamepad Support
  • German and English Localization
  • Initial Target Platforms: macOS and Windows on Steam