White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, a horror game

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a true classic in the horror genre. Widely regarded as one of the greatest pure horror games ever created, it is now being completely remade for modern gamers.

Prepare yourselves for the scariest game of 2017! On the eve of White Day, a romantic gesture goes wrong as you and your fellow Yeondoo High School students find yourselves locked inside the school at night, hunted by a killer janitor and haunted by the troubled souls of the dead.

Can you avoid the sinister threats, investigate the situation and uncover the dark secrets of the building’s past to survive the night? Or will the after-hours horrors of the school claim your life before you can escape?


  • Atmospheric first-person horror packed with frights
  • Stealth through a haunted school and outwit ghosts in the dead of night
  • Cover your tracks and hide from a killer stalker
  • Dynamic scare system: the higher the difficulty, the more terrors there are
  • Collect clues and items to solve head-scratching puzzles
  • Race against the clock to keep your friends alive
  • Discover cunningly hidden secrets to uncover the school’s diabolical history
  • Multiple endings depending on who lives… and dies!