ReversiQuest2, Tactical RPG coming to Windows on January 7, 2020

Osaka-based indie developers Yokogosystems announced that their critically acclaimed tactical RPG ReversiQuest2 is coming to Steam for Windows on January 7, 2020.

ReversiQuest2” is a tactical board RPG featuring a strategic battle system based on Reversi and a simple Japanese Sugoroku style stage.  It is also a Google Indie Game Festival 2018 Top 20 award-winner and the sequel to “ReversiQuest” which is available on the Xbox One. There is no need to know the previous “ReversiQuest” to enjoy “ReversiQuest2.”

Advance through Sugoroku-like fields full of gimmicks and progress through the story while battling with Reversi!  Even those who are unskilled at Reversi have boundless ways to win! The strategies exist indefinitely, so there are various ways to enjoy the game.

●Sharpen Your Tactics!●
Stay alert!  Every move drastically turns the tide of the battle!
Never give up, even on a verge of death – a victorious reversal awaits!
The strategies are infinite!  Triumph over enemies with Reversi skills,
various characters, gears, or spells…the choice is yours!

●Story and Gameplay●
A young man who grew up at a remote village in Othellia Island, Nym,
saves a girl named Imogen from a monster…but how will their fate turn out?
Advance through board game-like fields full of gimmicks in a sandbox world
drawn all in quarter view and pixel art!

●You’ll Enjoy this Game if…●
・you love JRPGs from the mid 90’s
・you love a stark worldview
・you love strategic battles