A Planet of Mine, mini procedural 4X game on Windows

Praised by more than 1,5M players on mobiles and nominated for many prize, A Planet of Mine is available on Steam for Windows.

A Planet of Mine is a fresh new approach to the 4X games.

Survive and rule a procedurally generated system by exploring, colonizing and exploiting each planet.
First of all you’ll need to gather and craft vital resources like food or water. Then, as your civilization grows, explore space to find rares elements which gives you a real advantage against other factions. Will you be a diplomat, a trader or simply crush your opponents with brute force? Will you transform your planets into beautiful places or toxic and harmful locations? The playground is yours to command.

Features :

  • A ​“sandbox” mode to set your own rules. Now you’re the boss and you can create a universe with up to 40 planets and as many resources you need.
  • 3 game modes and 10 campaigns
  • 16 playable species with their unique gameplay