Steambirds Alliance, Multiplayer bullet hell game gets first big update

Spry Fox just released the very first major update created for their free-to-play, massively multiplayer, co-op, bullet-hell game, Steambirds Alliance! This update adds guilds, a new gameplay mode called the Combat Sim, a new dungeon, rebalances some of the more punishing  aspects of the core game to make it more accessible, and a whole lot more.

Steambirds Alliance officially launched earlier this year, on August 22, after being in development for almost six years. Spry Fox wanted to create a game that created friendships and brought gamers together instead of throwing them into a toxic environment to fend for themselves.  David Edery, Spry Fox CEO, explains in a blog post “The truth of the matter is that in this modern world, there are a lot of people who could use a friend. Or even if they have enough friends, they could use a place to spend more time with them. There’s a ton of research demonstrating that lonely people often suffer from poor health, depression, and/or anxiety. Friendship is the antidote.”

This mega update has a healthy combination of new content, new features, along with the softening of the perma-death system.  One of the new features is the guild (aka “Flock”) system, which is uniquely designed to address some of the problems in other MMO guild systems, such as too many “zombie guilds” that have fallen below the necessary number of players to be fun. Other additions in this update include a Combat Simulator that presents interesting new daily, deterministic challenges and a leaderboard for competition between players, a new dungeon, rewards of free hangars and storage slots to players as they rank up their pilots, and so much more. To see the full list of changes, check the Flock Together Update blog post.

Steambirds Alliance is a Free to Play Game available on Steam for Windows and Mac.