Super Korotama, emulates a classic arcade machine on PCs and Switch

Super Korotama is an arcade skill game that emulates a classic retro-style arcade machine with different holed panels, where the user can move a metallic ball through a vertical bar that can be moved with the machine joysticks. The main goal of the game is to put the ball in the correct hole while dodging the other holes.

The user needs to control a weighted ball through the balance of a horizontal bar in order to put it in a specific hole in a panel full of holes. For each panel user will have 3 different correct holes to put the ball in for the 3 balls he will have to play. The game will get easier or harder with the different power ups that can be collected that will slow or speed up the bar, or enlarge or shrink the ball, block or invert the controls among many others. Also, additional difficulties can be unlocked, like a “drunk” mode, “ice” mode or “bomb” mode.

The game is completely immersed in a retro-synthwave aesthetic very inspired by the 80s, both visually and soundly, since it has a varied soundtrack that accompanies you towards a trip to the arcade’s places of 3 decades ago.

Super Korotama is available on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux). Switch and PS4.