Among Ripples: Shallow Waters, Post-Climate Change Game’s Free Demo

EatCreateSleep is situated on the island of Gotland, Sweden, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, one of the most polluted oceans in the world. The island itself is also struggling with freshwater reserves for humans and animals alike. We make games that ask tough questions and let the players explore the answers.

Among Ripples: Shallow Waters takes place in a near future where humanity has banded together to combat climate change and other ecological disasters. In the game your team is part of the Freshwater Biome Restoration Division.

In the base game you take care of the northern area of Sweden and in future expansions and games save other parts of the world. We’re working together with real ecologists to create a simulation of something that could happen in real life, if we just tried. We’re giving you the future we need, a future where we fix what we’ve caused. A world where humans and animals can survive

A prototype free demo is available on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux) that illustrates how the finished game could look like.

Feature list

  • Economy – Manage the budget on each level and in order to get more money you’ll apply for grants and loans.

  • Ecosystem – Do your best to create an ecosystem that is self sustainable.

  • Terrain – Manipulating terrain to create a better environment for the inhabitants of the lake.

  • Water Quality – The quality of the water is important, it’s a delicate balance that you as a player has to keep in mind.

  • Species Behaviour – Each species will have their own behaviours that will make it interesting to observe. You’ll watch a dace masterfully escape the jaws of a perch or the pike waiting patiently in the reeds for their prey.

  • Comfort and Survival – each species will have their own comfort requirements that decide if the living conditions are favourable for them or not. It will increase or decrease their survival chances.

  • Flow Director – The flow director makes sure that the game is a challenge to you. It will increase or decrease the difficulty based on how you are doing.

  • Traits – Each individual in the lake will have different traits such as tiny, big, fast, slow, shiny, dull etc. It will affect the fish life and give them different characteristics, it ties into the breeding that the player will be able to do to get more favourable traits for their lake inhabitants.

  • Knowledge – As you start playing the game there are some information that is unknown to the player. This unknown knowledge will be unravelled as you play, and it can go faster or slower depending on how you want to play the game.\