Gamedev Beatdown, Narrative game dev sim has a free demo

QYJO announces that Gamedev Beatdown is available on Steam for Windows as a free Demo for players all around the world.

Gamedev Beatdown is a tongue in cheek narrative, game development sim with turn-based combat. It takes the player through events that make the industry very interesting while also touching upon issues that plague the games industry.

The player makes decisions that affect the games they are working on along with their colleagues. Like every other studio, colleagues don’t usually agree with each other’s choices. In Gamedev Beatdown, the player gets to fight for their decisions. Come out victorious, and the team follows their decision, lose, and the game might go down a completely different and unwanted path.

Unique Features –

  • Crunch Management – Manage Employee Happiness and tactical Crunch times for maximized productivity.
  • Procedural rogue-lite progression.
  • Exotic Locations – Move to different locations that unlock some unique games to develop.
  • Choices and Consequences – Fight over real, real-adjacent, and a few entirely fabricated day-to-day problems game developers face.
  • Evolving Mini-games – Play the games you release as mini-games. The games look better and unlock functionality when the player releases the game with higher stats.

The game will be releasing on Steam in early access later this year.