Citywars Savage, Demo made free on Steam for Windows

Two best friends have released their first playable demo on Steam for Windows. The concept of the game came from a gamemode they developed 5 years earlier on Minecraft.

Citywars Savage is a fast paced sandbox indie mmorpg. To progress in the game you have to build and expand your city. These can be built alone, with your friends or even with massive clans. The whole server is a gigantic centralised modding platform where the community can edit and chaznge absolutely everything from the game. Worlds, Gamemodes, Weapons, Quests, Filters, Musics, Behaviors and Npcs are all editable from inside the game. One of our most unique features is our visual scripting system where players can program their own npcs to help progress their city.

They need your help to finish their game, you can apply today by downloading the demo to be part of the development.

Here’s the Steam page: