Takkyu Tournament Re:Serve, kung-fu ping-pong mashup in Early Access

CyberScherzo Studios unveiled Takkyu Tournament Re:Serve, a kung-fu ping-pong mashup that pays homage to classic retro arcade games while incorporating fighting game trappings like blocking, parrying, unique fighters, and special moves.

The initial build of the game focuses on VS mode, allowing for 1v1 local multi-player battles with two players or one player vs the CPU, and has 8 playable characters and 5 stages. More characters, stages, and modes will be added in future updates, with a focus on having a wide variety of both single-player and multi-player content.

Takkyu Tournament is available for purchase on Steam and Itch.io for Windows The full 1.0 version of the game will be released in 2020.