Watchers, Free-to-Play Battle Royale Shooter Available on Windows

Watchers launched on Steam (Windows) F2P and is a truly innovative take on the Battle Royale genre. The game drops players into a chaotic and bullet-heavy world where 24 players compete to be the last contestant left standing. Unlike most other Battle Royale games, after a player has met their demise they will enter a unique Watcher surveillance mode where they can either help or hinder the remaining combatants using some nefarious tricks.

Death is Far From the End of a Match:

Upon defeat, the player will enter Watcher mode. In this, they will have a new way to influence the world and help dictate the outcome of the match. Players in Watcher mode will be able to:

  • Spy on other players as they make their way around the map.
  • Activate experiments and call upon anomalies to help survivors who are in a pinch or take revenge on the person who caused their downfall.
  • Choose how the world changes, such as voting on where the Safe Zone shrinks.
  • Bet on what survivor they think has what it takes to be crowned the winner.

Fighter Mode: Take Part in Massive 24-Player Battles:

Get ready to drop like a bomb into a quaint, reminiscent 1960’s town where, in true Battle Royale fashion, weapons are plenty and only one player can be crowned the victor. Join in on intense top-down multiplayer shoot-outs of up to 24 players. Keep an eye around every corner and utilize Watchers’ engaging perspective to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Just remember, with every player you kill you create another Watcher who might be out to get you…

Grab the Battle Pass to unlock 86 elite cosmetic rewards across 60 levels! Enjoy new character skins, melee weapons, animations and emotes, and much, much more!

When you buy the Battle Pass, you also get the following free gifts:

  • Three special forces skins to show you mean business.
  • The Howdy Neighbor sledgehammer.
  • A pumpkinhead gnome to add some holiday spirit to your murder spree.

Here’s the full list of contents for the Battle Pass:

  • 30 fighter skins
  • 8 types of melee weapons
  • 22 player avatars
  • 6 sprays for Watchers
  • 4 animations to help you enter the fray in style
  • 5 emotes for taunting your enemies
  • 5 new gravestones for enemies killed in battle
  • 6 amazing garden gnomes

Other DLC options!

Watchers: Batter Up Pack
Baseball comes to Watchers! Show your neighbors what you’re made of!

  • The unique Watchers baseball uniform in three color variations! Calming Blue, Striking Green, and Bold Black-n-Red: Choose the right colors for bringing death and destruction to your neighbors.
  • Set of four branded baseball bats. Leave your enemies stuck on first base!
  • Baseball Gnome. Your new best friend.
  • Psych yourself up with a spray, unique emote and five sports avatars!

Watchers: Perfectly Calm Pack
This set comes with good vibes and positive energy! When everyone around you is killing each other, the important thing is to stay calm.

Includes the following items:

  • Your favorite leisurewear. Fight at your own pace – and in comfort!
  • The morning paper. Why hit ’em when you can swat ’em?
  • Afterparty landing animation. Hey guys, what happened last night?
  • 2 chilled-out sprays to calm your violent neighbors.
  • 3 player avatars to really tie the battle together.