100% Orange Juice, Pudding Pack is available with 12 all-new cards

Fruitbat Factory has revealed a new DLC for the hit online board game 100% Orange Juice. 100% Orange Juice – Pudding Pack is available on Steam for Windows with 12 all-new cards to unlock and play with!

With support for English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Simplified & Traditional Chinese, 100% Orange Juice is the most popular board game from Japan on Steam for Windows.

The Pudding Pack includes 12 new game cards (3 rare, 4 uncommon, 5 common) designed by Orange Juice, and illustrated by Hono, Coffgirl, Ikuse, Miyazaki Shiyuri, Yulay Devlet, hexun and Yusaku Kagawa.

The pack contains:

  • 2 new Boost cards: Sweet Destroyer and Backdoor Trade
  • 3 new Battle cards: Sink or Swim, Serious Battle, and Portable Pudding
  • 2 new Trap cards: I Wanna See You and Encore
  • 3 new Event cards: Serene Hush, Unpaid Work, and Incriminating Fire Support
  • 2 new Gift cards: Lucky Charm and Metallic Monocoque