Bad North, Jotun Edition’ gets content update

The Acclaimed Minimalist RTS Gets New Items, Enemy Type, Meta Progression, and Balance Changes For Both New Players and Grizzled Vets

In late 2018, developer Plausible Concept introduced the world to Bad North, a stunning minimalist RTS that took the genre down to its core elements and delivered an accessible yet challenging experience. Since then, it has spawned a community who has given a ton of feedback and Rich and Oskar have put together a massive content update that is free for all owners—Bad North: Jotunn Edition. This update is available for Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, Discord, and Kartridge. Console versions will receive this update in the coming weeks.

As the name implies, Bad North: Jotunn Edition boasts a giant amount of content offering new gameplay elements and systems including the ability to have select and start with commanders, selectable hero traits for each commander that give a unique attribute, four new items, and more. A new enemy type has been added to give your defenders another threat to worry about.

Meta progression has been added to Bad North: Jotunn Edition allowing you to unlock items and traits that you discover in previous campaigns and start with them when beginning a new campaign.

Beyond just content though, there are fundamental changes made to the campaign itself that make the game more accessible such as sharing gold among all units (previously tallied per unit), checkpoint islands to save progress during a campaign instead of starting all the way back at the beginning, enemy types being displayed on upcoming islands when viewing the map, buffed archers, and more.

Not all the changes make the game easier however; for anyone up to the challenge, a new “Very Hard Difficulty” has been added for seasoned Bad North vets. Bad North: Jotunn Edition is the definitive version of the game and gives plenty of reasons for players to go back and face the hordes of Vikings they’ve fallen to over the last year, and the perfect chance to jump in if you’ve never played before.