In Search of a Home, FTL Meets Battlestar Galactica on Steam Early Access

Ghostly Bear Games, an independent game development studio founded by Riot Games and Popcap veterans, announced the Steam Early Access for Windows release of their debut title, In Search of a Home. Gamers and science fiction fans can download and play an early beta version of the game, a strategic leadership roguelike that will appeal to fans of FTL, Battlestar Galactica, and Interstellar.

“At Ghostly Bear Games, we want to make games that players can customize and make their own,” said Carl Kwoh, Founder and CEO. “Our team draws upon 75 years of collective experience working at major games studios like Popcap Games and Riot Games to create a gaming community like no other, and we’re thrilled to hit this first major milestone.”

In Search of Home crafts a story set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are forced to flee their ruined homeworld. Players will navigate strange, undiscovered planets, survive the internal threats of the fleet, and keep their people and their hopes alive. Players draft their refugee fleet and then jump between planets collecting the materials found along the way to keep everything running, fleet morale up, and various factions united behind as they hope the next jump will bring them to a new home.

To build a highly involved and engaged player community from the ground up, Ghostly Bear Games has been sharing their development process on Twitch and YouTube. In these development diaries they have been detailing the complex decisions around game design, art, production, and engineering, and streaming their daily check-in meetings to show players how game developers interact day to day while developing a new game.

“We want to involve players in every aspect of the game, right from the very start,” said Kwoh. “Current and future players are able to watch In Search of a Home made in real time, and gamers who want more insight into how game development works can tune in to see how we work together day to day to build an immersive experience for them.”

In Search of a Home is now available worldwide on Steam Early Access  for the Windows PC.