KILL la KILL – IF, Newly added Dotonbori Robo DTR

PQube, Arc System Works and Studio TRIGGER are cheering on fellow Nudist Beach members Aikuro Mikisugi and Tsumugu Kinagase as they enter the ring of KILL la KILL – IF in their Dotonbori Robo DTR!
A free update is now available for the PlayStation 4 and Steam (Windows) versions of the gorgeous arena fighter with the first story content since the anime’s spectacular conclusion, including the biggest character so far.  Nintendo Switch players will also receive the update, but a bit later this month.

The Dreadnought Trap Shooter DTR
(Ultimate double naked Dotonbori Robo)

This is the ultimate form of the anti-Honnouji Academy mechanized weapon DTR (Dotonbori Robo), which was built by the Takarada Zaibatsu with technical support from Nudist Beach. Completed by the combination of Aikuro Mikisugi’s and Tsumugu Kinagase’s DTRs, it is the biggest playable character in KILL la KILL – IF!

Its break attack is a grenade that will not break the opponent’s guard, but it will become a special trap that can explode once it is set up. This is a strategic multi-range character that can alternate between long range attacks with a volley of bullets and powerful melee attacks.

KILL la KILL – IF and a free demo of the arena fighter are available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC on Steam!