Pendula Swing, Final episode of 1920s-themed adventure has arrived

Valiant Game Studio AB today launched Pendula Swing Episode 7 – Facts and Artifacts on Steam for Windows and Mac. This episode concludes Brialynne’s saga s the last instalment of the Pendula Swing series.

In “Facts and Artifacts”, Bryalinne discovers why her axe was stolen in the first place. Decisions, decisions, decisions – it is up to you to guide Bryalinne regarding what to do with the culprit. This episode also introduces the Industrial District, takes you to a very …entertaining wake (don’t steal all the booze!), grants you your very own apartment in the city and comes with a complete revamp of the Business District, too!

Industrial Insertions

    • New area – the Industrial District! The whole of Duberdon can now be explored! Episode 7 introduces the Industrial District, which is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to the map.
    • Beard Fashion! In the Industrial District, you can go the barber and customize your beard. As you may know, dwarven ladies take great pride in the fact that they can grow beards!
    • A New Apartment! Spoiler Alert: You inherrit a brand new home! You can keep it and be the fancy lady who lives down town, but also donate this apartment to someone in greater need than you
    • Pet Party! You can now also have several companions following you at once. And you can pet them! Not all animals around town might be interested in following you, but it never hurts to ask!
    • Consumerist Improvements! The experience of using the Vendor and Container interfaces have been improved. As an example, you can now right click to deselect a stack in the Vendor view by right-clicking, you can put half a stack in a Container (also right-click), you can press the coins in your Wallet to buy or sell, etc.
    • Business Street Overhaul! We had our workers completely redesign the Business street, allowing for a lot more space and a better layout, out of the way of those steel horses!
    • Sleep time! Once you finish the main storyline, you can continue to explore. But if you feel Bryalinne is tired, you can take her back home and tuck her in to sleep in her bedroom. This will end Bryalinne’s saga and trigger stories about what happened next to some of the characters you encountered along the way

The episode requires Episode 1 – Tired & Retired, which has been doubled in content, substantially improved and can be played for free HERE.