PositronX, rogue-lite FPS available on Steam Early Access

PositronX is a rogue-lite FPS with fast paced combat and creative time and movement mechanics, packed into a highly replayable experience. Available in Early Access on Steam for Windows.

PositronX is a futuristic rogue-lite First Person Shooter with fast-paced combat, creative movement and time control mechanics packed with breathtaking visuals. Various weapons and abilities will help you fight your way through many enemies and bosses that you will encounter. A complex progression system will make you stronger than you could ever imagine! But it will not be easy. Nothing is ever easy. Get ready to Play. Die. Repeat.

Combining a retro FPS feeling with modern graphics and rogue-lite mechanics PositronX offers a gameplay like no other in modern shooters. Based on the setup you choose to start with and the choices you make during the game, the play-through can be either easier, harder or almost impossible to beat. But don’t take it personally if you die too often, you are supposed to. And you will. There is an ever growing database with information that updates with each run. After a few deaths you should be getting the hang of it and you will be doing a lot better. In this case what kills you just makes you stronger. With countless different combinations of weapons and upgrades, the game you play will never be the same!

When humanity turned their eyes on a new planet called Kepler, in order to make preparations, they have sent The Machine Swarm there. A self deployable, self sustainable machine that was supposed to be a cornerstone of the new colony. It was supposed to gather resources, construct the colony compounds and a system that can sustain them. It was also programmed to create other machines that could help with the process of creating the colony. Everything was overseen by an AI called Turing whose main objective was to prepare the planet fo human embrios that it was carrying on a ship above Kepler. But, of course, something went wrong.


Implants provide you with new abilities. There are tens of Implants to use in PositronX and they can totally change the way you play the game. Time can be slowed down, stopped and rewound. You can fly, wall jump or teleport so space can be traversed in an instant. You can stop bullets in mid-air and send them back to the attackers, and much more. So much more. There are no limits!


Rogue-lite game mechanics. Randomly generated levels, items, and enemies. You will never play the same game twice.

4 playable characters called Positrons. Each with their very own characteristics.

A special player progression system called Turing Progression System (TPS).

Various Imprints and Implants to customize your character – fully upgradable mind-blowing abilities that your character can acquire, each with their own modifiers.

15 weapons with various upgrades – all having two different firing modes, each with their own modifier.

Game Modifiers that help to change the rules of the game to get an even more unique experience.

Local Leaderboards. Compete with your friends and other players!


New playable Characters.

More Weapons.

More Implants (100+).

More Imprints (100+).

More Environments.

New Bosses and Elite Units.

New Enemies.

Steam Achievements.

Improved AI, character models, and animations.