Rogue Glitch, roguelite platformer on Steam Early Access

Numskull Games launched their first Steam title in Early Access (Windows and Mac), in partnership with solo developer Lino Slahuschek. Don’t let the colorful and vibrant visuals fool you; Rogue Glitch is a formidable platforming experience packed with gameplay progression, cosmetics and inventive instruments of destruction!

Dive into the glitch world and build your character from a humble pixel-shooter into a glorious warrior armed-to-the-teeth with powerful upgrades and augmentations. There are three areas of progression in Rogue Glitch, making each venture meaningful. Every run you’ll be earning XP toward expanding your pool of available items whether you conquer the game world or not. Racking up completions will gain you access to new characters. Collecting the currency Malbytes along the way will allow you to invest in these avatars to give them permanent stat bonuses.

Whether you’re a platforming pro or novice, Rogue Glitch shines when you bring along a friend (or three) for the ride online or on-the-couch. Show off your skills and skins to your comrades and take on the toughest bosses as team.

Rogue Glitch is available on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac.