SoccerDie: Cosmic Cup, love-letter to classic arcade & bullet hell games

Independent developer Pipeworks Studios, known for Superfight and Terraria, announced the release of their first self-published IP to Nintendo Switch.

A love-letter to classic arcade and bullet hell titles, SoccerDie: Cosmic Cup was born from a company game jam by Pipeworks employee Mark Jansen. It is now being touted as the most ‘accurate soccer simulation’ specifically created to support land mines, giant brains, stompy dinos, colorful ghosts, unreasonable tanks, and at least one vampire.

Hal Milton, Design Director at Pipeworks Studios, notes, “Pipeworks set out to make something as ridiculous as it is challenging. SoccerDie is that thing. There’s never been a more accurate soccer title that lets you fight Dracula and exorcize ghosts.”

SoccerDie: Cosmic Cup is available for download on the Nintendo eShop and retails for $6.99.