The Cycle, FPS gains story missions in new update

YAGER has released a new content update for The Cycle, the free-to-play competitive quest shooter. The major highlight is the introduction of story missions, a new contract type (in solo mode only) where players can learn more about the game’s lore and unlock exclusive rewards.

In addition, the update adds a new feature — the Navigator — which lets players get information about nearby objectives more easily without having to open the map. The patch also includes multiple visual effect enhancements, especially for monsters and the storm, as well as a variety of weapon and ability balance changes, performance upgrades, quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

The Cycle is a match-based first-person shooter with a focus on PvEvP action: complete jobs, defeat hostile lifeforms, gear up with new weapons and powers, out-score other prospectors, and make it off the planet alive before it kills you. The Cycle delivers a competitive multiplayer experience where everyone can survive, but how you stake your claim can make all the difference. Form squads with friends, make uneasy alliances with strangers, or go it alone — the choice is yours!

The Cycle is free to play in early access for Windows PC via the Epic Games Store. Players can also grab the Fortuna Pass, a special season pass available in both free and premium tiers and featuring over 150 exclusive unlockable rewards.