Genesis, MOBA’s first content update rolled out

Five weeks and over 600.000 downloads after its initial release, developer Rampage Games have rolled out their first content update for GENESIS, the action-packed Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) optimized for controllers. The update introduces a new battle pass system, a unique two-player hero and most importantly, ranked mode, as well as many gameplay improvements. GENESIS is available as a free download exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Of Heroes and Champions
The freshly added Genesis Pass lets players unlock exciting new challenges and gain exclusive items in Season 1. Obtainable rewards include stunning new skins, special heroes, powerful weapons, additional avatars, and many more permanent items. The Genesis Pass consists of two parts: The Champion Pass and the Hero Pass. To unlock the Season’s full potential, players can use Energy Credits, which is the game’s premium currency, to acquire the Champion Pass. This pass grants access to all challenges, offering the most amount of rewards. The Hero Pass is available to all players free of charge. It contains a wide range of powerful rewards including the unique new Hero Mitch and Cuth.

Mitch and Cuth
GENESIS provides players with a plethora of choices when it comes to heroes. Hailing from different races, factions and planets, a total of 27 heroes were already available when Genesis was first released. With the latest update Rampage Games delivers number 28 – the most unique hero to date: Mitch and Cuth is a hero controlled by two players at the same time.

Ace drivers of the Road Rage Club and reigning champions of twelve consecutive championships, brothers Mitch and Cuth rose to fame through this deadly yet lucrative event. Both heroes excel at different abilities, making it extremely tough to lane against them. To make use of Mitch and Cuths’ full skill set, players will have to work as a team. Each player will have command of four distinct skills. While Mitch is powering up his self-detonate ability, Cuth will have to fight off enemies and protect Mitch from danger.

Ranked Mode
As GENESIS has been available for over a month now and players have had time to familiarize themselves with the heroes, their skills and abilities it is now time to introduce ranked mode! There are 7 tiers in ranked mode and they are: Cadet, Ensign, Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Admiral and Grand Admiral. Once players reach Lieutenant, they will receive some sweet rewards for progressing through the ranks – keys for loot crates, amazing looking skins for heroes, all of those are within the player’s reach. Of course, the higher they climb, the tougher the competition.

GENESIS is free-to-play and exclusively available for PlayStation 4. More information about the game can be found on the official website at