Two Weeks in Painland, play as a hacker on Windows and Mac

Unusual Games released their debut video game: Two Weeks in Painland, available for Windows and Mac on Steam.

Play as Jack, a hacker forced to spy on a group of eccentric mobsters who don’t know he exists.

Play as a hacker blackmailed by Gustav, a mafia lord who wants to take some time off. Keep his top lieutenants happy while he is gone. They’re a bunch of wacky criminals doing even wackier stuff. Oh, and this won’t be easy, as you will only have your computer as a tool to succeed in each peculiar task.

“With this game, we wanted to create a new mode of storytelling in which you interact from the shadows. Our primary goal: make people laugh.” – Eber Moreno. Co-founder.

Players will have access to Jack’s computer to fulfill Gustav’s demands:

• Spy on criminals and their nefarious behavior through their cell phone’s cameras.
• Snoop on their phone calls and transcripts to find useful info to make your job easier.
• Recruitment management for the gang. Ensure Gustav’s lieutenants are happy with
their new recruits.
• Make it alive through Gustav’s checkpoints. He is not easy to please.

The innovative Two Weeks in Painland is available on Steam for Windows and Mac: