Alchemy Garden, running a little Alchemy Lab on Windows

The Flagship title for the new Metaboli Publishing group is Alchemy Garden, an amazing look into what running a little Alchemy Lab on the outskirts of a bustling medieval burg would be like.
The game, years in the making, is available on Steam Early Access for Windows.

We’d love to credit the exceptional talent of MadSushi games, run by lone developer Rúben Izquierdo, from Spain, as well as the efforts of the production staff at Metaboli Publishing, Rafał Mierzejewski, Christophe Larminier and Alexander Poysky, who’s group efforts in production work have helped this launch become a possibility. Thanks to Pau Damià Riera‘s music and sound effects you will be transported to the whimsical world surrounding Alchemy Garden.

Featuring Crafting, Exploration, Gardening and of course, Alchemy Shop running, we hope this title appeals to a wide audience who will enjoy exploring the land and selling hand crafted goods and potions in their very own store.

Early Access is just the beginning for us, with a myriad of new features planned for our road to Beta and eventual 1.0 release.

Alchemy Garden mixes gathering/crafting mechanics with exploration/adventure and economic elements. It’s a sandbox game where you’ll need to explore the land, discover new plants, gather ingredients and use these to create different kinds of potions. Open your own alchemist stall. Provide local townsfolk and brave heroes with what they require, so at the end of the day you can invest in decorations and improvements for your garden and lab.
Unleash your creativity and decorate your garden with trees, flowers, grass and many more decorative objects. Plough the soil, sow the seeds, water them and grow plants to make use of them.


Find new plants and ingredients for your experiments, be they common or exotic in hidden areas. You have several biomes where you can find a variety of plants and components for your garden.


Experiment on gathered plants to reveal their effects. Combine them with materials such as coal or wood and explore the possibilities. Discover new formulas and brew useful potions for the townsfolk.


Open your own stall and sell your potions to the locals. See to their requests and needs. Use gathered money to buy new tools, seeds, equipment, decorations, furniture or a whole new house.