Blink: Rogues, Shmup Exits Steam Early Access

Blink: Rogues came into the world with a very bold aim – when released in Steam Early Access for Windows it had high hopes to challenge and reshape the SHMUP genre – but it came into its own rather differently. With the invaluable input of its players and the indie community, Blink: Rogues became the What if? SHMUP. What do we mean by that? Imagine getting your inspiration from titles like Raptor and Tyrian 2k but then asking yourself: What if I could challenge a fellow player at this game? That is how the split screen competitive PvP happened, drawing heavily from arena style one-on-one games. And then going like: What if I had more mobility and better control of the battlefield? That’s how the Flip mechanic came into play. And so Blink: Rogues stayed true to its roots while also exploring the many ways that a shoot’em up could be enjoyed, by both veteran players and new comers to the genre.

Now, Blink: Rogues offers a two-tiered challenge for its players. For those that enjoy a quick and intense clash with a friend the Multiplayer mode is here to deliver, either in local PvP or through Steam Remote Play Together. A five minute match grants victory and bragging rights to whomever earns the most points by the end of that time. Points can be earned either by destroying waves of enemies or by chasing that sweet frag in the opponent’s screen, using the namesake Blink mechanic. For the more pacifist friends, Blink: Rogues also includes a Co-op mode, where the goal is to work together and survive as long as possible.

For the player motivated by achieving mastery of his craft, the Story Mode provides 10 missions to complete, where superiority is demonstrated by either getting the fabled 3-star rating (killing all enemy ships incoming), getting a highscore to beat all highscores in the global leaderboard, or both. Completing all 10 missions unlocks the Survival mode which is… only for those dedicated enough to discover and for all others to wonder about.

Following the launch of the full game, Fox Dive Studio plans to explore the possibility of adding a tournament option in Multiplayer, new maps, new enemies and new concepts the players might like to see.

Blink: Rogues is available on Steam for Windows.