DragonClash, strategic dragon combat coming to Steam Early Access

DragonClash, a single player card game of strategic dragon combat, is set in an alternate modern-day Earth that is beginning to look all too real. In the game’s lore, Earth is weary of suffering humanity’s abuse and summons dragons to restore balance. Those dragons are born from environmental disasters. A blue dragon may hatch from toxic waters, a brown dragon can emerge from oil-soaked earth, and the game’s primary villain bursts forth from an Amazon rainforest engulfed in flame. Sound familiar? The game’s lore was written 18-years ago.

“At the time, the stories were inspired by the Exxon Valdez oil spill,” said Marc Aranha, the author of DragonClash. “The images of that tragedy, which I saw as a teenager, stayed with me and fueled my writing. Since then we’ve had toxic water in Michigan, ice shelves collapsing, and oil spills in the gulf. The game will feature a final boss that is hatched from burning rainforests in Brazil, and the Amazon is literally burning. I created that character two decades ago! It’s surreal and disheartening at the same time. This was supposed to be fiction.”

DragonClash is releasing September 4th on Steam Early Access (Windows PC), challenging players to battle rivals and humanity in a bid to become the Last Kin, the Earth’s named guardian, who will decide the fate of the world.

“Sad to say, dragons are not actually coming to save us,” laments Marc. “Maybe humans will wake up and figure out how to save the planet on our own. One can hope.”