Exploding Babies, arena blaster in Steam Early Access

A curious breed of aliens have invaded Earth and now force the children of their slaves to compete in elaborate arenas. For extra amusement, the aliens dress the kids in humorous costumes and drop mindless drones strapped with explosives onto the battlefield

Exploding Babies is a surreal local multiplayer game for casual gamers and promises a carnage like no other.


“Wow! There’s no way I could market this on mobile!” – Anonymous Mobile Executive
“Ohhh this is hilariously f***ed up!” – A person at an event
“That´s awful – I love it!” – A redditor named Dont-Tell-My-Mom

Exploding Babies

Exploding Babies is a quirky arena blaster in a surreal post-apocalyptic setting. Trigger crazed drone babies to explode and take out the competition in a chain reaction. Up to 4 players competitive and co-op with crazy game modes for you and your friends. On Steam Early Access for Windows PC.

• Local co-op or competitive play
• Over a dozen hero babies to choose from
• Surreal landscapes with unique challenges
• Crazy game modes
• Unlimited replay value