Mad Experiments: Escape Room, multiplayer puzzle game has free demo

Indie solo developer Clem from PlayTogether Studio has released the demo of Mad Experiments: Escape Room on Steam, a multiplayer escape game. The full game will come to the PC for Windows and Mac in April 2020.

Inspired by real escape rooms, the game will challenge up to 6 players to solve the puzzles of the intriguing mansion of Professor Cheshire. You have 60 minutes to explore, gather every clue you can find, examine objects, and unravel the secrets of this place.
The puzzles are quite hard and have been designed with multiplayer in mind, so even if you can play the game solo, it is a better experience to play with your friends.

Launching in April 2020, Mad Experiments: Escape Room will challenge players to:
• Visual puzzles, riddles, an intriguing song, and many surprises. Every puzzle is unique!
• Communicate with your teammates to share your discoveries
• Each room is a chapter of the mind-bending story of Professor Cheshire and his experiments on the Human’s mind

The demo is playable now on Steam.