Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Green Army Men Thanksgiving content update

Tripwire Interactive and the Green Army Men Team released Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Thanksgiving today. This content update has more guns, a delicious new map, and closely follows key gameplay updates. Available on Steam for Windows, players can look forward to taking part in the gritty and strategic 64-player matches Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is famous for with a twist in the fan-favorite Green Army Men DLC, which includes all the Christmas, Summer, and Back-to-School content—as well as the new Thanksgiving update.

Now there are even more ways to carve the turkey, with three brand new weapons, including the bazooka, ready to splatter plastic on the carpet. Also, toy soldiers can jump on the table, explore the yard, and snipe from the counter in a new Thanksgiving-themed map. This map has players compete for a piece of the pie inside and outside a home dressed and prepped for Thanksgiving dinner. And to top it off, Tripwire Interactive and the Green Army Men team are committed to keeping playing with toys fun, having recently adjusted the time-to-kill and damage models for the Green Army Men DLC, based on community feedback. 

All Rising Storm 2: Vietnam players can play the Green Army Men DLC for free as the Rifleman class. If players want to unlock more classes and support the development team, there is the option to buy the Green Army Men Upgrade, which unlocks all the other classes for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men.

Available for the Windows PC on Steam, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the sequel to Rising Storm, PC Gamer magazine’s 2013 ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year,’ published by Tripwire Interactive and developed by Antimatter Games. Command your team to victory in massive 64-player battles with authentic weapons, aircraft, and maps that pit conventional military forces against guerilla forces.