Terraforming Earth, roguelike puzzle platformer on Steam Early Access

Independent game development studio Lost Robots release their innovative side-scrolling roguelike puzzle platformer Terraforming Earth on Steam for Windows and Mac.

Set in a future where humankind is extinct, Terraforming Earth lets you control three robots with different abilities who must work together to get through procedurally generated levels.

Focusing on problem-solving and planning instead of rote memorization, Terraforming Earth creates unique situations every time you play – even the boss fights and the music are procedurally generated!

As of today, Terraforming Earth is launched in Early Access containing solo and local co-op modes and it should be treated as a full release in terms of polish and functionality. The full version of the game will be available in 6 months approximately and it will include more obstacles and enemy types.


  • AI-generated levels
  • Optional challenges (permadeath and time-pressure)
  • Level curation
  • Single-player
  • Local co-op multiplayer
  • Full controller support
  • A story about quirky robots and environmental catastrophes
  • Procedurally generated music