Sky Cannoneer, successor to the arcade classic Rampart on Windows

 Element Games is thrilled to announce Sky Cannoneer, a spiritual successor to the arcade classic Rampart, launched on Steam and GOG for Windows.

Modernized for today’s audiences and dramatically expanded in scope and features, Sky Cannoneer brings Rampart’s uniquely classic arcade-style gameplay into the 21st century – includes a full single-player campaign supported by a variety of mission types and upgrades!

Become a skilled Corsair in the Sky Lord’s Navy as you unravel the truth behind the plague that ravaged your planet Emoria. Improve your Battle Haven with upgrades, new types of forts and augmentations, then choose which technologies, superpowers, and summons you want to use against the enemy forces.

Each round starts by building up your power grid with randomized walls. You then place cannons on your power grid to increase your offensive capabilities. Use your cannons and special powers to defeat your opponent! Over the course of the game, you improve your flexibility and power to deal with ever-increasing challenges and threats. There are millions of possible combinations for your Haven’s load-out, and the upgrade system creates cool and surprising twists on the original game’s formula.

Weapons and Powers include:
  • Cluster Bombs – take out large portions of the enemy base!
  • Tesla Spikes – create an EMP that stuns enemy cannons!
  • Volatile Mix – projectiles have a chance to explode dramatically and set the enemy’s base on fire!
  • Fort Upgrade: Reloader – this fort accelerates your cannon reloads, letting you fire more shots per round.
  • Superpower: Tornado – creates a huge fiery tornado that destroys enemy walls, and also leaves behind patches of Burning Ground that destroy enemy rebuilding.
  • Research: Explosive Booster – this special booster upgrades all nearby Cannons when surrounded by your walls and energized.
  • Haven Upgrade: Deep Scanners – faint signals point to cloaked enemy Havens, but you’ll need better scanners to uncover them.
  • Summon: Airship Flotilla – summons multiple armed airships that automatically fire on the enemy defenses. Must be unlocked from a special mission.