Waves²: Notorious, Linux support for the Steam Early Access game

A Native Linux version of Waves²: Notorious was added as part of the 0.73 Update now available on Steam to Early Access players.

“I had always had lots of requests from Linux gamers asking for a port of my previous games but it wasn’t technically possible. Now that Unreal 4 supports Linux natively I wanted to make sure it happened.” – Rob Hale, Squid In A Box Ltd

The Linux build uses Unreal Engine 4.21.3 and requires OpenGl4.3 and a SM 5.0 compatible graphics card and drivers to operate.

About Waves²: Notorious

Waves²: Notorious is the follow up to popular Twin Stick Shooter “Waves”. Originally released into Early Access in late 2015 solo developer Rob Hale (aka Squid In A Box Ltd) has continued to update the game for almost 4 years and expects the game to release from Early Access sometime in Q2 of 2020.

The game casts the player as a Hacker or “Runner” tasked with infiltrating computer networks in a Cyberpunk styled version of Cyberspace where they must protect themselves against the attacks of the AI “Administrator” while they upload viruses and download Corporate secrets in an attempt to build their Notoriety.

In addition to the procedurally generated single player campaign mode there are 6 Arcade game modes with online leaderboards and an experimental Last Man Standing multiplayer battle mode where players compete against the AI Administrator to be the last one standing.