TerraGenesis, terraforming game is free for Windows PCs

Tilting Point and Edgeworks Entertainment have launched a Windows PC version of their indie terraforming game TerraGenesis. Featuring real data and science from NASA, TerraGenesis brings its deep, near-photorealistic outer-space gameplay to the Windows PC platform after seeing cosmic success on mobile devices – the game has surpassed 16 million downloads, earning Edgeworks a Mobile Game Awards nomination for Best Indie Developer in 2018 and winning the Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco in 2017. Players looking to terraform planets can download the game for free on the Microsoft Store here.

In TerraGenesis, players create and care for the life on their planet while turning it into a thriving paradise. Featuring realistic science and accurate maps with over 45 real-life planets, moons, and even historical versions of Earth to terraform, players are confronted with challenges and opportunities as they transform their world and create a new and unique society on the surface of each and every planet they visit.

New to the game, across both mobile and PC platforms, is the Governors feature, which gives players the ability to accelerate the growth of their worlds with the help of over 40 new and upgradeable characters. The Governors characters each have unique stories, backgrounds, and abilities that impact the development of a player’s world in specific ways (e.g. a fertility doctor Governor will increase their city’s birth rate).

To download TerraGenesis for Windows PC, visit the Microsoft Store page here. For the mobile version of the game, visit the App Store and Google Play stores.